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Shalom Descendants!


Jen Lowe now has about 800 names in the Colony Genealogy!




The People - List of the Cotopaxi Colonists

Ship record - Shames, Washer, Prezant, Milstein families!

Schradsky Family Descendants

Nudelman - Lauterstein - Notes 

Schneider (Snyder) Family and Descendants

Milstein - Shuteran - Prezant  Families & Descendants


Kinship Report for Menashe Milstein  draft

 Milstein-Shames Descendant chart  


Colony Lands - Map of Colonist's Plots

- plots are identified by family name 


Susan Rifkin and Peggy Rifkin Lehmann visited us on September 24, 2011.(posted 2-29-2012)

They descend from -


Menasha Milstein & Ester Baer

Jacob Milstein & Malka Zalman

Issac Leib Milstein Shames & Rifka

Michel Shames & Frieda Raizel

Adolph Kiesler & Sara Bessie Shames

Max Rifkin & Raise Kiesler -


At the Cotopaxi Cemetery



After a snack lunch prepared by Cruz at our home, we visited the colony cabin site near Lake Creek.


Below, Susan (left) and Peggy standing on the same spot their ancestors did!



I enjoyed our candid conversation and their perspective on Judaism.



Descendant Mike Goldfein came for a visit on July 31, 2011! 


 Mike is a descendant of the Schradsky family!

We went to the grave site, drove around Cotopaxi and looked at some old buildings such as the place near the colonist's synagogue.

Mike visited my family and home for lunch and discussion. Later we took a trip to the colony site near Lake Creek, however, the road was still closed due to the forest fire.  We had a good visit.  


Mike with camera at the Cotopaxi Cemetery gate.



Mike made great sounds with our shofar!!!

I really enjoyed our visit, thanks for stopping by, Mike!



May 3, 2010


16th Annual Rocky Mountain Jewish HIstorical Society &

Beck Archives Heritage Dinner.


Evan bought so Cruz and I went!


Dr. Jeanne Abraams, Director of the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society

presented a film titled "From Cotopaxi to Denver" about the Cotopaxi Colonists.




click on photos to enlarge




Above: We were honored to sit with Carol and Jerry Freidman.

Carol is a descendant of the Prezant colony family!




The salmon was superb.




L. to R.:  Jen Lowe, Evan Makovsky, and Nancy Oswald


Attending were over 20 descendants of the colony at a quick count.

Why didn't I take more photos???  I don't know!!!  


Cruz shares a laugh with Marcia Snyder


The next day, the crazy red-headed (ok grey) gentile step-child

showed up at Freida Makovsky's home, with camera:

Yaffa Makovsky, Janet (Makovsky) Lightstone, and Freida (Shames Makovsky) Englard.


Jen was working on genealogy with Haim, Yaffa, Marcia, and Freida.






Aug 30, 2009


My family had the pleasure again of meeting with the Makovsky family!


We met at Frieda (Shames-Makovsky-) Englard's home.  Frieda is the mother of Haim, Evan, and Janet (Makovsky) Lightsome. 

Also joining us along with Frieda and Haim were

Philip and Janet Lightstone,

Evan and Evi( wife) Makovsky .

Noah Makovsky ,(Evan's son) and Noah's children;

Aliza, Max and Issac.


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Above:  Yaffa, Frieda, Haim


Why didn't I take more photographs???



The time flew as we discussed the family tree.  It was really too much to absorb at once!


Below, Frieda had some photos...


I think Frieda said the man's name was Red Mike.  I believe this is

Michael (Yechiel) Shames  and Frieda Raizel.


Frieda Shames-Makovsky-Englard's Grandparents!


Fannie Rosea Shames

A.K.A. Frieda Raisie

A.K.A. Frayda Raizel

A.K.A. Fannie Rosae Shames

b 1856  d 1913

Document provided by

the Makovsky family





August 2009

Yaffa is doing well! Praise G-d!


Nov 13, 2008 - special note, on Oct 22 we learned that Yaffa Makovsky (Haim Makovsky's wife) is recovering from cancer surgery and chemotherapy.  Please keep these descendants of the Cotopaxi Colony in your prayers.



May 2007


Jonathan Freedman sends the following:


Below is a photograph, circa 1923, of my grandmother Hattie Shuteran Borwick and her husband Benjamin Borwick, with their five children: (from left to right) David, Charles, Florence, Estelle, and the baby Betty seated with a Teddy bear. Betty is the sole survivor of the 5 siblings. She lives in Denver, with my father, Marshall Freedman, a doctor.


Jonathan Freedman is a Pulitzer Prize winning author!!!

July 29, 2006

Good fortune allowed us to meet a couple of more colony descendants!  Marcia Snyder and Sheldon Altman visited us on September 20, 2005.  We went to the "upper" colony site on the Oswald's ranch and also stopped by the cemetery in Cotopaxi. Marcia and Sheldon were able to explain some of the errors in our "Makovsky" tree.  

I'll try to post some more details but for now here's a photo of Sheldon and Marcia at the "upper" colony site...looking north;

click photos to enlarge

Below, looking north with Pikes peak in the distance.

In the colonist's footsteps....

July 23, 2005

Well, I have a lot of stuff I need to get online.  Haim and Evan Makovsky met with Cruz and me and we had the pleasure of meeting their mother Freida, Haim's wife Yaffa, along with a couple of Haim's grandchildren, and Evan's son-in-law.

Haim, his wife, grandchildren, Cruz, Steve Oswald and I visited one of the Colonist's cabin sites on the Oswald's property (Steve is Nancy's husband).  We have also learned that one of the other cabin sites was just up the hill from where we live!

Below: Haim arrives at the "upper" colony site.

Above: Yaffa, Haim, and their grandchildren at the Upper site.

Building debris in the background.

Below: Land owner Steve Oswald explains things!

Above:  Steve Oswald and the Makovskys.

February 19, 2005:

Milstein (Makovsky) Family Genealogy is up!!!

January, 17, 2005:  

On Memorial Day, 2004, Evan and Haim Makovsky met with Nancy Oswald and my family at our house to go over the Makovsky genealogy and Cotopaxi Colony information. Haim and Evan are brothers who grew up in Pueblo, Colorado (75 miles to the east of Cotopaxi), and are descendants of the Colonists. Haim lives in Israel, while Evan resides in the Denver, CO area. We had good discussion and adjourned to the Cotopaxi School, where Charme Krauth, Colony descendant and teacher was located.  Haim, Evan and Charme met at the Cotopaxi School, and while going over a handwritten genealogy scroll that Haim and Evan had, we were able to see how they (Evan, Haim, and Charme) were related -  Sol Baer Millstein was her Great Great Grandfather (I think!).  Great fun! 

 What we have:

Milstein Family Genealogy (this is old, with errors)


Photo below - Left to right:  Haim Makovsky, Charme Krauth, Evan Makovsky

Next is a photo of Evan and Haim just outside the Cotopaxi Cemetery.

Link:  The Cotopaxi Cemetery page




Frieda Shames Makovsky Englard   1916 - 2012


Thank you, Frieda.





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