Cotopaxi, Colorado: Russian Jewish Colony



 The History of Emanuel H. Saltiel in Cotopaxi



Cotopaxi was Saltiel's town.


Here is an amazing document.


The Colorado State Business Directory 1882 







Town in Fremont County, on Denver & Rio Grande R.

R. 32 miles west of Canon City.  Shipping point for Wet

Mountain Valley Region.  Population, 200. Daily mails.

Telegraph. Distances: To Silver Cliff (road), 28 miles; Den

ver, 193.


Note: the 193 miles is via train - east to Pueblo, about 75 miles, then north to Denver for the rest.

Ed Grimes would have likely walked a shorter route cutting across  from Canon City to Colo. Springs.




Cotopaxi Business Directory.

Bardin, Jos., justice of peace, notary, etc.

Beckwith & Co., stock growers

Cotopaxi Hotel, E. S. Hart, propr.

Cotopaxi Mining Company.

Cotopaxi Town Company, E.H. Saltiel, president.


Hart, E.S., general mdse.

Hoffman, A., general mdse.

Mitcher, T.  R. & Bro., stock growers.

Myers, G. W., Constable.

Rossiter,  T.  F.,  postmaster and station agent.

Saltiel, E.  H.,  mining contractor



The Cotopaxi Town Company is advertised with E. H. Saltiel listed as the

President and General Manager.  "Town Lots for Sale."


Perhaps Saltiel was looking for ways to increase the population of Cotopaxi and make "his" town boom.  The more people, the more lots he could sell.

What were his "Special inducements to parties who desire to locate and build." ?

Did he offer them work in his mining promotions in trade for land?



Notes of interest: 

There was a Justice of Peace.  Jos. Bardin.

The Beckwith Ranch was in operation.

E.S. Hart had a store and a Hotel.

There was another store - A. Hoffman.

The Post Master was T.F.Rossiter.


George W. Meyers was the constable of this newly forming town, Cotopaxi.

 He was the law enforcement of Cotopaxi.

Was George. W. Meyers hired by E. S. Saltiel? 

It seems likely, as Saltiel did own the town.

Why?  Possibly because Cotopaxi was a rough little place in 1882.



To get rid of Gold Tom?



but - Note that Meyers was ALSO was on the lien against Saltiel!


Please do not be upset with Saltiel.




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